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Junior Gym is a Children's Fitness Facility that inspires and motivates a child's desire towards physical activity through equipment, music, class participation and demonstration. Our program is based on a professionally structured lesson plan and highly developed concept which helps children advance through each stage of physical development and build the foundation to take those..."Beginning Steps Toward Fitness"



Our physical educational program offers children the opportunity to benefit physically by:
  • Increasing Flexibility
  • Improving Balance
  • Enhancing Body Coordination
  • Reinforcing Locomotor Skills & Building Muscle
    and Strength Endurance
Junior Gym's philosophy is to assist in both physical and personal growth. We recognize each child individually and give positive reinforcement, encouragement and support. This helps a child build physical achievements which, in turn, strengthens self-esteem, confidence and motivates a child's desire to rise physically.
Through our circuit or intriguing course of equipment and engaging musical activities, each child's physical capabilities are challenged. Junior Gym gives children the personal coaching and exposure to:
  • Seat Drop on a Trampoline
  • Basket swing on a Trapeze Bar
  • Toes up turn around with the Rings
  • Front Kick down the Balance Beam
  • Straddle Swing on the Horizontal Bar
  • Forward and Backward Roll down the Incline Mat
  • "L" Hold across the Parallel Bars
  • Lateral Reach down the Monkey Bars
  • Bounce on the Air Pogo
  • Climb up a Climbing Wall
  • Log Roll in a Rolling Ball


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